When storms fly in, your roof may not be the only exterior part of your home that’s damaged.  Cracked gutters, broken window frames, damaged siding, marred paint, dented doors, falling fences, and a long list of other exterior damage could occur.

Where do you even begin to find, much less coordinate the many contractors you would need to completely restore your home?

That’s where Safe Haven Roofing & Restoration, Inc. shines.  We provide full service for you from beginning to completion, helping you each step of the process.  We provide experienced, licensed and insured contractors for exterior restoration including: siding, gutters, windows, screens, paint, fencing, doors and more.  Our contractors are tried and proven to offer the quality and reliability at the top of their industry.  We assure they will provided work up to our company standards.

In addition to complete coordination of exterior home contractors, we will work alongside of your insurance company to help you with your claim and assure it covers all the damage restoration needed.  Beginning with opening your claim, we  respectfully team with your insurance adjuster, agent and other team members, on your behalf in order to fully restore your home.

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