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Although where you live is your home, what provides you with shelter is mostly your roof.

A roof shields you and your family from harsh weather and insulates your home from the heat and cold. Arguably your roof is the most important structure of your home. Protecting your family as well as your belongings means that your roof must always be in great condition. That being said, as with every aspect of a home, even the most diligent homeowner who religiously schedules regular inspections and maintenance will eventually have to repair or restore their roof.

When it comes to roof repair, the basics include cleaning, inspections and maintenance.


Your roof, just like your gutters, should be clear of debris. This is especially true if there are many tall trees surrounding your home. The collection of branches and leaves on your roof can potentially pose a major risk to your roof’s structural quality in addition to possibly degrading the roofing material as well.

When organic debris starts to decay, moisture starts to collect and this can cause your roofing structures to rot. Generally, experts recommend that in order to maintain your roof’s optimal life span, it should be cleaned at least twice a year. Likewise the buildup of mold, moss and mildew can negatively affect your roof, so to thoroughly clean your roof, you should contact an experienced roofing professional.

Inspect and Maintain

Maintaining your roof is the best way to protect it. By taking preventive action, you will avoid the need for any major roof restoration or replacement. This of course include examining and clearing your gutters so as to prevent water buildup, inspecting all roof fixtures to guarantee that they have no damage which could potentially lead to leaks, also making sure that your roofing structures are up to par. It is highly recommended that you opt for professional roofing services being as only a qualified and experienced roofer will have the experience and skills needed to detect any issues before they turn into problems.


As mentioned above, even the most heedful homeowner will need to have repairs performed on their roof from time to time. A decaying roof is very high risk to your family’s well-being and health, more than you may realize. Even a minor leak can turn into a major issue, this is why it is so important to have regular inspections. However, many times these inspections turn up evidence of decay or damage in your roof, this is where you will have you roofer perform any necessary repairs.

It is important to remember that roof repair can be quite a major project, especially with roofs that are aging. Try to schedule your roofing inspections to be conducted in either late summer or early fall, this will allow for ample time to make all necessary repairs. There are cases in which it make take several sessions to complete roofing work, and if it can be avoided, the last thing you want is for your home and personal belongings to be exposed to the harsh weather of winter months.

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